What’s the fine for driving with a busted headlight

What’s the fine for driving with a busted headlight

A: Fogerson, a Husky running back and O’Dea High School grad, was pulled over last week after a trooper noticed the black Lexus he was driving had a headlight out. Things got worse after trooper found marijuana in the glove box and Fogerson fled, according to troopers.

Thompson was stopped for driving with a headlight out near WSU’s Greek Row. An officer reported finding 1.95 grams of marijuana in the car.

In 2003, fake id maker online Seattle voters passed an initiative making the investigation, arrest and prosecution of marijuana offenses, when the drug was intended for adult personal use, the lowest law enforcement priority.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes has a policy of not filing charges for simple marijuana possession though people driving under the influence of drugs is a different scenario.

Police do stop people solely for marijuana, best fake id sites but say that’s rare.

In the first four months of this year about 6,500 incident reports were filed with the City Attorney’s Office. In only six of those incidents was marijuana the reason for the contact, according to the mayor’s office. Only .09% of incident reports during this time period cite marijuana as the primary reason for a contact.

«Everybody needs to understand something else, too, fake id maker online which is, in fact, it’s still against the law,» Mayor Mike McGinn said Sept. 1. «Changes in the law have to come from the federal or state level, fake id maker online they can’t come from the city level.»

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