Idaho Spud Chocolate Bar

Idaho Spud Chocolate Bar

Contact Us,Inside the shiny, brown package is an oblong puck of a candy bar studded in white flakes. The flakes are coconut, and next to the dark chocolate coating, they oddly (and sort of grossly) resemble the eyes of a fat potato. Inside the chocolate is a spongy marshmallow filling.

I took a bite and savored the spud for a moment. The result was something like if a Mounds bar and a Peep had sex (and had a child, duh). There was a strong coconut flavor, the dry tang of dark chocolate, and the moist textured marshmallow. The whole of it was sort of mushy and not very satisfying, fake drivers license but the flavor was OK. The bar was neither great nor bad; rather it tasted like something that would sit at the bottom of your Halloween bag for a few weeks while you ate the other more tasty candies. I offered a bite to my in laws sitting near me, and they concurred. Each of them passed on a second helping, so I cleaned up the remaining Spud and shrugged. «Now I see why Idaho is so famous, fake id » I said.

Who should eat Idaho Spuds? Someone with state pride, candy freaks looking to mark another classic off their list, and people with a strange (and possibly sexual) affinity for Peeps.

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