School daze for Charlie Bartlett

School daze for Charlie Bartlett


Cert 15, 96 mins

His well documented addictions may have once threatened to sink his career but these days a clean and sober Robery Downey Jr is using the experiences to mesmerising movie effect, bringing a resonant personal edge and sense memory passion to his characters. Already flying high as the heavy tippling Tony Stark in Iron Man, he also parlays his former drink problems to solid effect as the disenchanted borderline alcoholic Principal Gardner in this subversive cocktail of Ferris Fueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club.

His dad ‘away’ and his mother (a crushingly sad Hope Davis) clinically depressed, when he’s expelled from his latest private school for making fake IDs to get other kids to like him, emotionally needy Charlie (Anton Yelchin) winds up at his local high school. Here he’s quickly targeted by the resident bully (Tyler Hilton) and just as quickly turns things around by recruiting him as his business partner selling prescription drugs (scamming from his mom’s shrinks by faking ADD and other illnesses) to other students looking to get high and escape their downer lives.

As part of the service, Charlie also sets up counselling sessions in the boys’ toilets and before long there’s queues around the corridor.

One of his patients is drama group leader Susan (Kat Dennings) who has some serious father issues.

With Yelchin and Downey sparking off each other as well as delivering commanding individual performances, it’s often wickedly funny. But it also comes with serious commentary about the medical profession’s propensity to dish out pills rather than deal with the root causes of teenage angst and alienation as well touchingly insightful observations about kids forced to grow up to soon, trying to fit in and needing a friendly ear to talk out their troubles. And, as Charlie (who is clearly not in the right here) learns (at gunpoint), that popularity comes with its own requirement of responsibility to others.

The suicidal loner, the bully with the soft side and the promiscuous girl with deep insecurities may be cliches, but the film makes them very human and while it may ultimately succumb to sentimentality, its epiphanies are hard won and all the more touching for that. That seems to apply whether it’s in Birmingham or Beirut. Thirtysomething singleton Layale (Nadine Labaki, who also wrote and directed) runs the Lebanese beauty salon where an assortment of women gather to commiserate with each other about their messy love lives.

There’s her employees: tomboyish Rima (Joanna Moukarzel) whose latent lesbianism is awakened when a gorgeous brunette starts coming in for a regular head massage; and Nisrine, fake id (Yasmine Al Masri), a young Christian girl who’s due to marry and is worried about how to avoid her Muslim fianc discovering she’s not a virgin. Then there’s the customers: Jamale (Gisele Aouad), an ageing actress scared of being passed over for younger faces (she used sellotape to hide her wrinkles) and in menopause denial; and Rose (Sihame Haddad), the elderly neighbouring seamstress who is being courted by a dignified silver haired gent but whose life is constrained by having to care for her mentally disabled sister Lili.

And there’s Layale herself, stuck in a going nowhere affair with an unreliable married man (whose wife turns up as a customer and proves to be utterly likeable) and oblivious to the fact that the handsome, good natured local traffic cop (Adel Karam) harbours a crush that everyone else can see from a mile off. The scene where she scrubs clean the dingy hotel room for her latest tryst only to be left alone and disappointed is heartbreakingly sad.

Not much happens and, rather like an ongoing soap, only one storyline is resolved. But Labaki imbues each sub plot and character with care and affection, raising laughs and prompting tears in equal measure as she celebrates the resilience of women. The title refers to the sugary solution used in the Lebanon for leg waxing, but it’s also a perfect description of this warm, sweet confection from a filmmaker with a bright future.


Cert 15, 85 Mins

Another week, another rubbish Hollywood remake of an Asian ghost horror. Although made in 2004, the Thai original didn’t actually surface here until last year, by which time audiences had pretty much had their fill of vengeance seeking white faced girl ghosts with long dark hair and a creepy habit of appearing in mirrors. Even so, fake drivers license despite its genre cliches it still delivered some creepy scares.

Cranked out in pedestrian manner by J horror hack Masayuki Ochiai, there’s none of that here. Set in Tokyo, although some character details have been tweaked, the basics of the plot remain pretty much faithful to the original. Shortly after arriving in Japan, fashion photographer Ben (Joshua Jackson) and new wife Jane (Rachel Taylor) run down a young woman who emerges from nowhere on the deserted, dark road. However, there’s no sign of blood or a body. And he thinks she imagined the whole thing.

Shortly afterwards, ghostly images start appearing on his photos and friends start killing themselves. Ben reveals the spectral figure to be that of a girl (Megumi Okina from The Grudge) with whom he had a brief fling and who then became a stalker. Naturally, Jane suspects there’s a bit more to the story he’s not telling. Especially since the ghost images are also present on their wedding photos, taken before they arrived in Tokyo.

Visits to a spirit photography magazine and a psychic investigator simply feel like the film’s going through the motions while neither Jackson nor Taylor can summon up the enthusiasm for more than one note performances. There’s a genuine shiver in the epilogue, which seems to have strayed in from a MR James ghost story, but otherwise this is just overexposed and underdeveloped.


Cert 18, 90 Mins

Another ghost story of sorts, this feature debut by Blackpool born director Steve Barker was originally destined for Neil Marshall. For whatever reason, he dropped out and went off to shoot his career in the foot with Doomsday, clearing the way for Barker to make a name for himself with this clever, if more than a touch incoherent thriller.

Shot in Scotland and set somewhere in war torn Eastern Europe, it revolves around a motley crew of cynical mercenaries with a crust to earn who, led by ex Royal Marine DC (Ray Stevenson), have been enlisted by mysterious scientist Hunt (Julian Wadham) for a quick in and out to locate and retrieve some maguffin or other.

The search leads them to an underground bunker where they discover a pile of fresh corpses, one of whom (Johnny Meres) turns out to be still alive but completely blanked. Further exploration reveals the site to be an old WWII Nazi laboratory where, as a handy newsreel explains, they were using the machine Hunt’s been sent to find to create indestructible super soldiers.

Unfortunately there seems to have been some side effects. So, starting with one of them being shot by an unseen assailant using a bullet too old to have been fired, DC’s team are gradually whittled down by undead Nazis as they’re slowly cornered in the bunker.

There’s some waffle about quantum physics bending time and space, but it never really explains what the silently murderous soldiers are. Are they ghosts, zombies, astral bodies or what? How can they go anywhere to kill their victims in one scene but are unable to get through a locked door when the plot requires it? And just who are the unknown forces that have forced Hunt to carry out this mission and will kill everyone’s families if they abandon it?

Reminiscent in parts of Jamie Bell supernatural war horror Deathwatch, it feels a lot like one of those old EC horror comics or some Twilight Zone episode. And if you can ignore the plot holes there’s some solid suspense, fake identity websites creepy moments and a fair amount of gore, and while the mercenaries tend to be one trait stereotypes, the cast do manage to rise above the usual superficial characterisation of such films to make you want at least one of them to emerge alive.

School District considers adding

School District considers adding

Members of the Phoenixville, Pa., School Board have added a sentence to the school’s mission statement that one board member hopes might open the door to the teaching of «intelligent design» and creationism.

David M. Langdon, an evangelical Christian who believes in the creation account described in the Book of Genesis, originally introduced a proposal that would have specifically permitted including intelligent design in science classes. Administrators balked at that proposal but did agree to modify the school’s mission statement to assert, «Critical thinking, along with objective and thorough investigation of data and theories in all areas of study, is necessary to ensure the success of the educational program.»

Langdon sees the move as an opening for intelligent design. Evolution, he said, cannot be proven. «By and large, evolution denies any view of God being involved in the creation of any form of life on earth,» he told the Phoenixville News. «One is a theistic view and one is an atheistic viewpoint.»

Langdon told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he would press teachers to present «both sides» of the issue of evolution and said teachers should instruct about «the problems with evolution.» He added that he would like to see district teachers trained in how to «present ideas that are controversial in many different areas [such as] same sex adoption and gay marriage. You need to hear both sides to make a good, honest decision.»

Teaching intelligent design, Langdon insisted, does not promote religion. «It just says there is a higher intelligent power that started all this it doesn’t promote any one religion or religion in general.»

Frank Fish, a biology professor at nearby West Chester University of Pennsylvania, said Langdon had over simplified the matter. Fish pointed out that among scientists, evolution is not considered controversial and that intelligent design has little support in the academic community.

«It’s just creationism wrapped up in another guise, and that’s all there really is to it,» Fish told the News. «The question becomes, Is it a scientifically valid theory? ‘ The emphasis there is science, Is it science?’ It’s not. We’re talking faith; we’re talking religion, and that is outside the way science conducts itself.»

Robb S. Frees, president of the school board, said he backs Langdon and the new approach.

«There are holes in the theory of evolution, there are holes in creationism and there are holes in intelligent design,» he told the Inquirer. «None of them is definitive. When presented professionally and it’s the administration’s job to monitor that I believe it can be beneficial to have all viewpoints presented.»

Revolution in evolution? The evolution vs. creationism controversy continues to influence public school curriculum.

Ideologies drive economic views of policy

Ideologies drive economic views of policy

Is government necessary? If so, what functions should it perform?

The discussion at the James V. Brown Library centered around those questions Wednesday evening during the talk given by Mehrdad Madresehee, Lycoming College professor of economics, on the role of government in the economy.

The functions the federal government should perform varies between conservative and liberal views. Conservatives believe in a limited government role, but that it should still be involved in some ways, Madresehee said, such as establishing laws, providing public goods and stepping in with effects.

The overarching ideology is the perception and placement of failure: while conservatives view government skeptically, liberals see the market limitations to solve social and economic problems, fake id he said.

Regarding the government providing public goods which are goods that can be consumed by someone without diminishing the amount others can consume taxes are necessary as it forces everyone to contribute to the common good. That addresses the problem of everyone benefiting from a public good that only a few may contribute to otherwise, Madresehee said.

Liberals tend to believe in the redistribution of income and wealth, and fighting poverty. Regarding income and wealth inequality, market is ruthless, Madresehee said.

gets what is not determined by the number of hours worked, but by supply and demand, he said.

While 1 percent of the American population is very rich, the majority is left lacking, he said.

The nation income tax is rather progressive, he said, as those who make more pay more. In comparison, Pennsylvania income tax is flat, as the rich and poor pay in the same, he said.

Madresehee said this country is not over taxed compared to other countries.

like the spoiled kid who wants everything and doesn want to work, he said.

Taxes are necessary to solve the budget and address the debt, he said. like tax rebates, free school lunches, but when it comes time to pay for it, politicians back down from tax increases because they want re elected, Madresehee said.

Should the government be involved in fighting poverty? It has been since the Great Depression, Madresehee said. some say this safety net has turned into a hammock, he said. Former President Ronald Reagan encouraged churches to get more involved, but that leaves a gap, as many in the community don go to church, Madresehee said.

As far as the government the economy with fiscal and monetary policies, liberals may think governmental action is necessary to prevent severe recessions, depressions or inflations, he said. Historically, government had a more hands off approach, but multi year depressions with 25 percent unemployment rates would hit, so the thinking began to change.

parties believe in government fine tuning the economy, Madresehee said, fake id reddit how much involvement is enough?.

Idaho Spud Chocolate Bar

Idaho Spud Chocolate Bar

Contact Us,Inside the shiny, brown package is an oblong puck of a candy bar studded in white flakes. The flakes are coconut, and next to the dark chocolate coating, they oddly (and sort of grossly) resemble the eyes of a fat potato. Inside the chocolate is a spongy marshmallow filling.

I took a bite and savored the spud for a moment. The result was something like if a Mounds bar and a Peep had sex (and had a child, duh). There was a strong coconut flavor, the dry tang of dark chocolate, and the moist textured marshmallow. The whole of it was sort of mushy and not very satisfying, fake drivers license but the flavor was OK. The bar was neither great nor bad; rather it tasted like something that would sit at the bottom of your Halloween bag for a few weeks while you ate the other more tasty candies. I offered a bite to my in laws sitting near me, and they concurred. Each of them passed on a second helping, so I cleaned up the remaining Spud and shrugged. «Now I see why Idaho is so famous, fake id » I said.

Who should eat Idaho Spuds? Someone with state pride, candy freaks looking to mark another classic off their list, and people with a strange (and possibly sexual) affinity for Peeps.

Idaho teen accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools

Idaho teen accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools

BOISE A Boise, Idaho, high school student has been accepted to all eight Ivy League schools.

Ivan Vazquez, a senior at Capital High School, found out on Thursday and said it still sinking in.

«Like in the 9th grade I see these articles like oh Jersey teen or York teen got into all 8 Ivy leagues, he said. I was like, fake id maker online my gosh like they must have cured cancer or something. it an Idaho teen.

«I applied early to Harvard and I got in and it was one of the best days of my life, Ivan said. just could not believe it.»

That was just the first of many.

got Yale, and then I got Princeton and as I was just opening them I was like no way, he said.

The Ivy League first came on to Ivan radar in elementary school. He heard about Harvard and when he asked about his parents about it, he says they told him it was best school. Then when Ivan was in 6th grade, his older brother applied and got accepted to Brown University.

«It was like a world away, best fake id sites but then after my brother got in I was like know, I can actually do this if I work towards it, he said.

Feeling inspired and a little competitive with his brother, Ivan said that was when he started dreaming of an Ivy League education. At first he was set on Harvard, but after some research over this past summer, he decided an education from any of these schools would be amazing.

«You can go wrong with any of them, scannable fake id so I just decided I going to take my chances, see what I can get and just hope for the best.»

Ivan got the best, with acceptances to all eight Ivy League institutions. He says it did take a lot of hard work and dedication. Ivan said he takes course that challenge him and is involved in his school, taking part in varsity sports, participates in mock trial, etc.

believe in yourself, fake id you can do it. Just get involved in your school. colleges love to see that you getting involved, no matter in what way, as long as you push yourself and just do what you love.»

Ivan hasn made a decision on which school he will attend.

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Idaho teen accepted to all eight Ivy League schools

Idaho teen accepted to all eight Ivy League schools

BOISE, ID (KTVB) An Idaho high school student has been accepted to all eight Ivy League schools.

Ivan Vazquez, a senior at Capital High School, found out on Thursday and said it still sinking in.

in the 9th grade I see these articles like oh Jersey teen or York teen got into all 8 Ivy leagues, fake id maker online ‘ Vazquez said. I was like, my gosh like they must have cured cancer or something.’ it his turn.

applied early to Harvard and I got in and it was one of the best days of my life, Vazquez said. just could not believe it. was just the first of many.

«I got Yale, and then I got Princeton and as I was just opening them I was like ‘there no way, ‘» Vazquez said.

Ivan says getting acceptances to all eight Ivy League institutions took a lot of hard work and dedication.

«Just believe in yourself, you can do it. Just get involved in your school. Colleges love to see that you getting involved, no matter in what way, as long as you push yourself and just do what you love, fake id Vazquez said. In order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. Commenters who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned. Please be respectful of the opinions of others and keep the conversation on topic and civil. If you see an inappropriate comment, please flag it for our moderators to review.

Idea of driving permits for illegal immigrants divides House committee

Idea of driving permits for illegal immigrants divides House committee

Legislation that would grant driving permits to North Carolina residents who are in the United States illegally bogged down in a House committee Tuesday morning.

After 90 minutes of often contentious debate, Chairman Rep. Jason Saine, R Lincoln, said the House Finance Committee had gone past the time allowed under House rules for a vote on House Bill 328. So, he adjourned the meeting, saying the bill would resurface in a future committee meeting.

The proposal would create a «restricted ID» for undocumented residents in North Carolina who undergo fingerprinting and background checks and prove their identity and state residence. Driving privileges would be attached to the restricted ID, provided applicants pass a state driving test and obtain liability insurance coverage.

«This is a fairly simple bill that is greatly misunderstood and deliberately misrepresented,» said lead sponsor Rep. Harry Warren, R Rowan. «This bill has absolutely nothing to do with immigration, immigration law or immigration reform nothing. This is about law enforcement and about safety for our citizens.»

Between 90, fake id reddit 000 and 110,000 undocumented people are driving on North Carolina roads, Warren estimated, but they don’t carry the same responsibilities as other drivers to pass tests and carry insurance before getting behind the wheel.

«Every provision of this bill works to hold citizens and those illegally present in North Carolina accountable to North Carolina law,» he said.

Yet, some lawmakers said providing undocumented residents with a state issued ID was akin to legitimizing their presence in the state.

«I think we grossly underestimate the value and rights of citizenship in this country and the seriousness of the crime of illegally entering this country,» said Rep. Bert Jones, R Rockingham. «We should not be encouraging, should not be endorsing, should not be accepting illegal immigration in any way.»

Warren noted that the permit, fake id generator which would be good for only one year, would be distinct from a driver’s license in that it couldn’t be used as identification to obtain public assistance or other government services or to register to vote.

Rep. John Blust, R Guilford, tried to strip the permit provision from the bill, agreeing with Jones and others that few outside the legislature would draw the distinction Warren outlined and that the permit would become a de facto ID for undocumented residents, opening more doors for them.

«We’re taking one more step down the road to legitimacy if we allow these permits,» Blust said.

Rep. Linda Johnson, R Cabarrus, even brought out the specter of 9/11 during the debate, noting that terrorists were able to get past security screenings by carrying Florida driver’s licenses rather than foreign visas.

Warren sharply criticized the proposed amendment, fake id saying he was «absolutely flabbergasted» by suggestions that doing nothing is better than doing something.

«What we’re doing is deciding whether or not we’re going to hold people accountable or whether we’re going to continue with the status quo,» he said.

The fingerprinting and background checks would create a statewide database that would benefit law enforcement, he said.

Warren also dismissed the notion that creating a permit would serve as a magnet and attract more undocumented people to North Carolina. Thirteen other state offer licenses or driving permits to undocumented residents, he said, but none have the hoops House Bill 328 sets up to obtain one.

«Driver’s licenses and permits and driving privileges doesn’t drive immigration to your state. The opportunity to work does,» he said. «There are not people in Honduras saying, ‘God, if I can just get to North Carolina, I get a driver’s license.'»

Blust’s amendment was defeated 11 22.

The bill also would make producing or selling counterfeit identification documents a felony it is currently a misdemeanor and prohibit municipalities and nonprofit groups from creating their own ID cards for immigrants. Also, cards issued by foreign consulates would no longer be accepted as IDs by government agencies or law enforcement.

Rep. Edward Hanes, best fake id sites D Forsyth, said he worries that the provision about possessing a fake ID would catch more underage college students than anybody else. Warren said he would be willing to work with Hanes to adjust the bill but insisted that the intent is to reduce identity theft and encourage people to get the state issued IDs. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed a detainer on him or her, outline how law enforcement can verify someone’s immigration status during a traffic stop or arrest verification wouldn’t be necessary if the person displayed the state issued ID and set the procedure for seizing vehicles from undocumented residents caught driving without a restricted permit.

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Smart wants focus on ‘what’s good for Jonathan

Smart wants focus on ‘what’s good for Jonathan

«It’s more important to me that you guys would have asked about how Jonathan’s doing,» he said raising his voice. «Nobody asks that. The only question I get everywhere I go somewhere is, ‘What is Jonathan’s suspension going to be?’ I’m waiting on one of y’all to come up and say, How’s Jonathan doing?»

So he was asked that question.

«Jonathan’s doing really good,» Smart said. best fake id sites «Jonathan is not with the team right now. He’s going to see a specialist. He’s getting help. That’s important to me. Jonathan is not even working out with the team right now. That’s what’s more important to me than how many games he gets suspended at the end of the day. fake id reddit I wish that could be the focal point instead of,’ What is his punishment? What is his punishment? How many games is he suspended?’ Let’s don’t talk about that, let’s talk about what’s good for Jonathan.»

Ledbetter’s suspension seems like it could be anywhere from two to six games.

«It’s not important to me right now whether he plays in the first game, second game, third game, fourth game,» Smart said. best fake id sites «It’s about what’s going to be best for Jonathan to be best down the road.»

Georgia’s athletic policy mandates a two game suspension for a DUI so Ledbetter will have to sit out at least games against North Carolina and Nicholls State for his March 20 arrest for underage alcohol possession and using a fake ID, but those charges were dropped. He then was arrested for DUI and underage possession on July 10.

Smart initially announced a one game suspension for that initial arrest, but did not say if that would stick after the case was closed.

Ledbetter could be suspended for half the season six games depending on how Georgia’s athletic policy is viewed with that first arrest.

«If either of the two offenses is a DUI, the competition suspension will be no less than 50% of the total sport season,» it says. fake id

Smart said Ledbetter’s mother sat in his office in his tears.

«I know his brother, I know the kid and I know what the kid is going through so it’s really a situation that he needed help, he’s now getting that help and I hope that he makes some changes in his life for the better,» Smart said.

Barron County sheriff ID’s person who died in T

Barron County sheriff ID’s person who died in T

BARRON, Wis. (WQOW) The Barron County sheriff confirmed Wednesday morning the person who died was 46 year old Eric Gavin. The tornado struck the Prairie Lake Estates mobile home park Tuesday night, destroying 50 to 60 trailers. Another 25 people were injured. 17 people were taken to local hospitals with injuries, others were treated at the scene.Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said all of the residents of that park have now been accounted for.A team from the National Weather Service is expected to arrive in Chetek Wednesday morning to assess the damage and make a final determination on the severity of the tornado.Newsline 9 will have a reporter in Barron County starting at Newsline 9 at 5 reviewing the damage from last night’s storms. Stay with Newsline 9 for updates.Labor of love: Grandma delivers baby nicknamed ‘Exit 92’ on side of Portage highwayLabor of love: Grandma delivers baby nicknamed ‘Exit 92’ on side of Portage highwayEXCLUSIVE: Two Marathon Co. men charged with threatening to repeat shooting rampageEXCLUSIVE: Two Marathon Co. men charged with threatening to repeat shooting rampageMedical examiner IDs woman in deadly Crandon incidentMedical examiner IDs woman in deadly Crandon incident»Odd behavior» call in Colby leads to seizure of 10 pounds of marijuana»Odd behavior» call in Colby leads to seizure of 10 pounds of marijuanaInvestigators seized about 10 pounds of marijuana after being called to a convenience store about a man «displaying odd behavior, fake id maker online » Colby Police Chief Jason Bauer said Thursday. More >>UPDATE: Defense will seek to secure Brendan Dassey’s releaseUPDATE: Defense will seek to secure Brendan Dassey’s releaseLawyers for Brendan Dassey, one of two men featured in the Netflix series «Making a Murderer,» say they’ll take immediate steps to secure his release now that a federal appeals court says his confession was improperly obtained. More >>

Anyone use a fake ID in Buffalo NY

Anyone use a fake ID in Buffalo NY

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Note that this is highly illegal and I believe it is a felony if you are caught, because you know terrorism and stuff.

It all depends on where you go. There are a lot of great dive bars in Buffalo that barely bat an eye at them.